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Which beach in India saw hatchlings from a vulnerable turtle species for the first time in decades?

A: Versova beach in Mumbai.

Which vertebrate has the longest life span?

A: The Greenland Shark

Which insect has the longest lifespan?

A: Termite queens

Approximately, from how far can a dog smell their owner?

A: 11 miles

Which breed of dog is a universal blood donor and can donate blood to any other breed of dog?

A: Greyhounds

What is the day after tomorrow called?

A: Overmorrow

After which Marvel superhero has NASA named a new constellation?

A: The Incredible Hulk

What was the planet Uranus originally named as?

A: George

Which major U.S. city was found by a woman?

A: Miami

Name the tallest tree in the world.

A: Hyperion

Name a village built around an oasis in the desert.

A: Huacachina, Peru

Name the only country in the world with no mosquitoes.

A: Iceland

Which brothers were recently asked by the Supreme Court of India to pay their taxes or get jailed?

A: Ranbaxy Singh Brothers

Two of the most popular underground street rappers were in conflict and came back at each other with a “battle of diss songs”. What was the first song to this battle and who composed it?

A: Samajh Main aya Kya by Emiway Bantai

Rudyard Kipling had paid a tribute to Leander Star Jameson by a poem. What was the genre of the poem?

A: Victorian era stoicism

The animated character of Marti in Madagascar was played by a famous artist who appeared in which popular TV series?

A: Friends

A rare species of fish swims up to the beach where they mate and lay eggs before returning to the waters. What is the scientific name of that fish?

A: Leuresthes tenuis

 The hormone which produces the water drive in newts is found in which other species of animals?

A: Homo sapiens

 “Crickets” even though afraid of water will jump into pools when infected by a certain species of worm. Who is the primary host of this worm?

A: The Mayfly Larva

Which higher educational institution has a building named after the author of “To India, My Native Land”, who happened to be an assistant headmaster in the same institution?

A: H. L. V. Derozio

This video game has settled on a digital lock for players under 13 years of age after facing a recent ban in a state of India. What was the game and in which state was it banned?

A: PUBG / Gujarat

Identical to Kingfisher Airline chronicle,  recently a “debt-ridden” airline has been put to check by the lenders of the State Bank of India. Who was the chairman of the “debt-ridden” airline?

A: Naresh Goyal

A company has created a golden hope for the commercial real estate by successfully raising an incredible amount of Rs. 4750 crores from the primary market in India. This company was a joint venture between which two firms?

A: Bangalore based property developer and Blackstone.

Which animal goes by the principle, “Eat your favorite parts, Leave out the rest”?

A: Black bear

Which species of flowers flourishing in Alaskan meadows depend on the oceans for their survival, with the Chum Salmon acting as the connecting link between the ocean and the meadow?

: Cow parsnip

Who are the two lawyers representing Brenton Harrison Torrent who has been accused of 50 murders and 39 attempted murder in New Zealand?

A: Shane Tait and Jonathan Hudson