Latest GK Questions 2020

Today Posted latest Gk Questions 2020 is helpful for all the students.who are attending General Knowledge quiz competitions this list will give a better idea and easy information. we collected a huge list of Gk Questions for all level students from the previous year 2019, 2018, 2017 quiz competitions. Here is the additional advantage we have given download so you can use this data to prepare offline.
Latest Gk Questions 2019

Latest Gk Questions 2019

Latest Gk Questions in English 2020

check this List with Answers

  1. In which year Uranium was discovered?  1789
  2. Radioactivity of uranium was first discovered by? Henry Anthony Bequerell
  3. what is the color of Purified uranium? Silver
  4. In which year it was discovered that energy could be extracted by breaking down uranium atoms? 193
  5. In which year NASA’s Voyager-1 passed over the solar family? 2012
  6. when NASA’s Voyager-2 passed over the solar family? 2018 Nov 5th
  7. The Santosh Trophy is awarded to the winner of which game? Football
  8. which book register national-level records? Limca book of records
  9. When did Sardar Patel National Unity Award started ? 2019, సెప్టెంబర్ 20
  10. when did Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveil the statue of the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, titled ‘Statue of Unity’? October 14, 2018
  11. which place this statue of unity is located? Gujarat
  12. which place is rich in tigers? Madhya Pradesh
  13. ‘Indian Divas’ was celebrated on which date? January 9th
  14. The 15th Pravasi Indian Divas Celebration 2019 held in which place? Varanasi
  15. Who started the CBD festivities on January 22? Narendra Modi
  16. When President Ramnath Kovind participated in the closing ceremony of the 15th PBD? January 23
  17. In which year elephant was declared as a heritage animal? 2010
  18. In which year the Government of India has declared Hindi as the national language in the Devanagari script? 1950
  19. According to which Article the Government of India declared Hindi as the national language? Article 343
  20. When was our government recognized as the national calendar of the era beginning with the Chaitra month and ending with Falguna? 1957 March 22
  21. When the central government recognized the dolphin as a national aquifer? October 2019
  22. When the longest river in the country was declared a national river?            2008 November 5
  23. When Namami Gange Mission was launched to clean up the Ganges?     2016 July 7
  24. From 1928 to 1956, how many times our country was a hockey champion in the Olympics? 6 times
  25. In which year the Government of India recognized the peacock as a national bird? 1964
  26. What is our national animal until 1972?Lion
  27. Who is the current Director General of DRDO? General Christopher
  28. Who is the Scientific Advisor to the Minister of Defense? G. Satish Reddy
  29.  Where is the Indian Air Force Test Pilot School? Banglore
  30. Where is the Paratrooper’s Training School located? Agra
  31. Where is the Pilot Training Establishment located? Allahabad
  32. Where is the air force administrative college located? Coimbatore
  33. When did Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the INS Vikramaditya into the Indian Navy?2014 June 14
  34. By what name did the Russians call INS Vikramaditya? Admiral Gorshakov
  35. How many operational commands are there in the Indian Air Force? 5 (five)
  36. How many functional commands are there in the Indian Air Force? 2 (Two)
  37. What was the first nuclear submarine made with indian knowledge? INS Arihant
  38. How many commands are in the Indian Navy? 4 (four)
  39. How many commands have the Indian Army divided? 7(seven)
  40. When is the Security Force’s flag day? December 7
  41. When is the Jaipur Literature Festival held annually in Jaipur? January
  42. When did Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Indian Science Congress in Mumbai? January 3
  43. Where is the first Science Congress was held in January 1914? Kolkata
  44. Who is the former principal of the pilot training center? Captain Anand J. Bodas
  45. When was India’s nuclear power division headquartered in Mumbai? 1954 August 3
  46. When was the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board launched in Mumbai? 1983
  47. What was arranged in 1954 for nuclear research? Bhabha Atomic research Center
  48. When India launched its first nuclear test in Pokhran, Rajasthan? 1974 May 18
  49. Who made the Pokhran-1 bomb? P.K.Iyengar
  50. When Nuclear Supplier Group (NSG) was formed as a result of the Pokhran-1 nuclear test? 1974
  51. What is the another name for Pokhran-2? Operation Shakti
  52. What used to be a fuel in a nuclear reactor? Uranium
  53. After 40 years, which country recently decided to pursue nuclear trade with India? Canada
  54. With which country did Tamil Nadu set up the Atomic Power Project? Russia
  55. Who is the President of the Nuclear Power Mission? Ratan Kumar Sinha
  56. Where is the Indira Gandhi Nuclear Research Center located? Kalpakkam
  57. Which was the first nuclear power plant in India? Tarapur
  58. Which date is celebrated as Flag of the Security Forces? December 7
  59. What is the highest military award in India? Paramveera chakra
  60. From which location in Odisha was the Long Range Ballistic Missile tested?Wheeler Island
  61. Which of these missiles was launched successfully by Pakistan on 23rd April 2012? Shaheen -1
  62. With which country did India operate its naval craft? Russia
  63. Who became the 25th Commander-in-Chief of India on 31st May 2012? Bikram Singh
  64. What was the name of the submarine that was launched by the Indian Navy in April 2012? INS Chakra
  65. The day when nuclear-capable fire-5 was successfully launched? April 19, 2012
  66. With which country did India assemble the Brahmos missile? Russia
  67. In which year did India launch its first satellite, Aryabhata? 1975
  68. Who was the first country to launch an artificial satellite? USSR
  69. Vikram Sarabhai Space Station and State Rocket Launch Center? Kerala
  70. In which country is the Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology located? Kerala

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